1. What problem were you trying to solve with Wasabi Rub?

Achy joints from years of sport and training

2. How many days a week do you work out?

Workout 3-4 days a week, strength training, and 1-2 days swimming

3. What physical activity are you most involved in?

Olympic Weightlifting

4. Gender and Age Range (20-30), (30-40), (40-50), (50-60) etc.

I am 40 but have played sports since elementary school, into college,
and still, compete competitively these days.

My review of the Wasabi Rub:

Wasabi rub was long-lasting arthritis cream that worked quickly to warm my aching knee joint. The cream felt like it penetrated my joints and muscles to quickly relieve to improve the years of aches and stiffness from training and competing. It lasted my entire training session of 2 hours and afterward. The smell was pleasant, and the cream was easy to apply without greasy residue. As a pharmacist and athlete, I would recommend this product.