To create and become the national leader of the most effective sports pharmacy topicals for pain relief, rehabilitation, daily warm ups and post work out treatments covering OTC, RX and Physical Therapy.

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SportPharm™ is the new generation for Sports Pharmacy

SportPharm™ designs custom formulated topical medications as treatment options for athletes across all genres of sports. The Sportpharm formulations were developed by Robert P. Nickell, the first pharmacist for the US Olympic Medical Team, serving personally for the Athens Games in 2004.  SportPharm™ is for all "Athletes" creating treatment options for pro-sports, golfers, high school athletes, race car drivers, runners, swimmers, soccer, La Crosse, UFC, wrestling, weekend warriors, and even e-Sports. As well as, just someone looking for more options to fight their pain so they can take a walk around the block, climb some stairs and feel like a Pro.

Current Formulations:

OTC Options:

The world famous Wasabi Rub™

ICC Towels

Pain XIT™ (coming soon)

Scarvera™ (coming soon)

RX Only Topical Options:

KetoRub™ (ketoprofen)

LidoRub™ (lidocaine)

NeuroRub™ (gabapentin)

MisicaRub™ 2% (baclofen)

MisicaRub™ 5% (baclofen)

RX Only for Physical Therapy:

Iontosone™ (dexamethasone)

US Diclo™ 1.6% (diclofenac)

The most effective pain relief topicals available today!